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A little about me:

I work as a System Engineer for Lockheed Martin out of Owego, NY. I work for the EBS division in infrastructure design engineering for all the LM business area's internal web applications. I enjoy this work and am glad that there is no lack of need for Programmers

I have a 21 year old daughter. She was out of the nest but then came back! God help me... She love's to ski, swim and spend too much time with her boyfriend. Most of all she love's hanging out with her friends or texting. This an old picture of her saying hello to a friend at Sea World .

Click here to meet the problem child. This is Toby's page.

Click here to see the family big mouth. Rooney arrived with Daughter a few months ago.

Here's some cool Racing and Mopar Sites:

Local Tracks:

I enjoy Drag racing as a hobby and I thought I would provide some pictures of my 1969 Dart Swinger for anyone interested in taking a look. The car is powered by a "Bigcube / Performance Only" Keith Black Indy wedge Garo who?

                    Picture page One Early pictures.
                    Picture page Two Cruise night.
                    Picture page Three Spring 2001. Magnum force (junk) K Frame.
                    Picture page Four Fall 2001. Nice pictures with the fall colors.
                    Picture page Five Spring 2002. New chassis.
                    Picture page Six Summer 2002. Some assembly required.
                    Picture page Seven Winter 2002. Still putting it back together.
                    Picture page Eight Spring 2003. and still more assembly....
                    Race page Beaver Summer 2003. First day at track since new chassis.
                    Race page Lebanon Valley Fall 2003. All Mopar day at the track.
                   Picture page Update Winter 2003/04. Time to freshen the motor.
                   Picture page New mill Winter 05, here we go again.
                   Picture page Other Mods Some other changes.
                   Race page Racing pics Summer 05' Some action shots.
                   Picture page Odds and Ends Winter 06' Still a few more changes.
                   Picture page Some "professional" Chassis work Spring 06'
                   Picture page New trailer Spring 06' the Darts home away from home.
                   Race page Wheels up Pics, Summer 06'.
                   Picture page More changes Winter 07, Some small tweaks.
                   Picture page Still more changes Winter 08, It never ends.

Thanks for visiting and stop back soon. Email comments to BigCube@stny.rr.com .

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